Lesson Information

Lesson Prices

£35 per hour for regular weekly or fortnightly lessons.

£40 per hour for ad-hoc/intermittent sessions.

Lesson Information

Lessons take place at my studio in South Ruislip, and utilise backing tracks & music software to enhance the learning experience, as well as lots of good old fashioned jamming and learning songs! Handouts are provided in most lessons, which eventually build up to form a compendium of work and are a handy future reference. Alongside the notes I will ensure you have a clear focus as to your practice schedule, and more importantly how to practice.

I have a comprehensive teaching package from beginners to advanced, a selection of the topics covered include;


Introduction to the guitar, left & right hand technique, tuning, finding your way around the fretboard, open chords, developing your timing & using a metronome, basic rhythms, strumming patterns, powerchords, the pentatonic scale, the major scale, basic chord building/harmony, blues, introduction to soloing, hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends, slides, octaves, warm up exercises, how to sing whilst playing, general musicianship...


Barre chords, major scale box patterns, pentatonic box patterns, harmonising a major scale, the minor scale, close voicing chords, common chord progressions & stylings, transpositional major 7th, minor 7th & dominant chords & extended dominants, building extended chords, inversions, triads, intervals, diatonic sequences, the CAGED system/triad blocks, introduction to jazz, common chord spellings, more string bending & vibrato, fingerpicking, double stops, blues using 6ths, major & minor arpeggios, melodic minor scale, harmonic minor scale, developing an efficient practicing routine, working out recorded material & using the internet as a resource, inventive ways to practice scales...


String skipping, contemporary right hand tapping, arpeggios, sweep-picking, sequencing, 3 note per string scales/modes, legato & advanced legato, advanced pentatonic playing & superimposing pentatonics, extended arpeggios, rhythmic groupings & accenting, finger independence, using the tremolo arm effectively, artificial harmonics, modes of the major, harmonic major, natural minor, melodic minor & harmonic minor scales, modal melody, hybrid picking, chromatic soloing, tri-tones, cross-picking, alternate/efficient picking (or 'economy picking' if you like to speak like an American!) scale access, diminished/octatonic (whole half/half whole) scales, diminished arpeggios, dominant pentatonics, application of scales and arpeggios to extended range instruments (7 & 8 string guitar), intervallic slides, diatonic arpeggios, altered dominant arpeggios, arpeggio superimposition, polychords, open voiced arpeggios, intelligent improvisation, dynamic control, note enclosure, sightreading, and much more...

I also offer tuition for the RGT/LCM & Rockschool exams in electric & acoustic guitar.